The three critical mistakes First Responders make that leads to stress, burnout & wanting to quit.

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Standing Six Services

  • Private 1:1 sessions with the herd are customized to meet your individual goals and needs. Client's will learn about herd dynamics, horse psychology and experience the value of a healthy relationship with the herd.

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  • This half day mindfulness program provides participants with the skills and tools to develop a healthy resilience to external stressors.

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  • One of the first steps in healing from trauma is learning to experience life in the present moment, a skill that comes naturally to horses. With this as our goal, the focus of this two-day program is mindfulness.

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Standing Six Founder - Carla Webb

Carla is a former 13-year member of the Vancouver Police Department. She walked the beat in the Downtown Eastside, conducted surveillance, and was one of the founding members of the VPD's Counter Terrorism Unit. This experience has helped her understand the precarious path frontline workers must walk between being hyper alert at work and a loving family member at home; between shielding oneself from the effects of daily tragedy and opening up to healthy attachments. At times the line is blurred or drawn too tight. Sometimes the line disappears altogether.
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What others have said... Standing Six

  • As a retired member of the VPD I know that upwards of a third of our police department is suffering from some degree of PTSD. It is clear that cumulative job stressors are not being recognized and dealt with in an effective and timely manner. Standing Six is a fantastic way for members to deal with stress before stress deals them a definitive blow. Emotionally connecting with horses allows the internal mess caused by stress to be assuaged and healed. I have felt the immense emotive power that occurs when horses and humans work together. It is cleansing and relieving beyond words. Carla is a wonderful guide to post-trauma healing and reconnection to the essence of one’s internal healthy self.

    Al Arsenault Vancouver City Police – retired constable Founding member of Odd Squad Productions Society and Police Judo

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