The Standing Six Herd Members


Shady is the oldest and most wise member of the herd. He has been my rock from the first moment my career began to negatively impact me. When the dark days became more common, Shady was there to comfort me and bring me peace. He has touched the lives of many people in his work with us at the farm. He has had my back for many years. Standing Six is devoted to Shady.


May is the next horse that I brought into the herd as a four month old from Alberta. Her role as lead mare became apparent early on. She has an enormous presence and big heart. Her ability to hold space for people expressing all sorts of emotions is solid and majestic. She is a true healer.


Babs came to me unexpectedly as a four year old. Her beauty and sensible nature was what I was attracted to. After a brief stint in competition her true calling in EFW was apparent and she was an easy horse to work with. She loves attention whether with grooming or just hanging out.



Selena came to us several years ago with a hard-run past and a distrust of humans. She wasn’t very trusting and was often aggressive in manner. But after receiving nurturing care, healing and gentle lessons in respect and boundaries from the rest of the herd she is now a totally different mare. The youngest of the Anam Cara horses Selena has lots of energy, thrives on attention and continues to grow in her role as teacher and companion.

Our Flock of Sheep

We include all our animals in programs whether a brief hello or an opportunity to understand and spend time with other species. The sheep are rather wary of new people but are a great example of giving humans feedback about predatory nature. Glitter, Gus and Gracie with their unique personalities are wonderful teachers in patience and body language.

Three Little Pigs

The newest species to our animal herd (and we couldn’t resist choosing pigs given the police association. Finn, Scarlett and Bernadette are the most friendly social and welcoming group. Their laid back demeanour, sense of curiousity and willingness to say hello to everyone make them a great addition to the programs. They enjoy belly rubs and snuggles making them totally irresistible. The pigs are sure to put a smile on your face.

Lulu and Fable

Lulu and Fable were adopted together from a miniature horse rescue Pipsqueak Paddocks. Lulu’s soft eyes are what drew me to her. She is playful yet gentle soul who is so beautiful with clients who are a bit uneasy with the bigger herd members. She is just a love.

Fable was extremely shy when we first met him as a 6 month old. I understood early on that his shyness was by no means to be mistaken with fear. The smallest herd member in stature but the biggest and bravest in attitude. He spends hours playing with his various toys providing hours of laughter to all those observing him. He is a little charmer (but super cheeky)

Dogs - Zora and Will

Cats - Batman, Firefly, Jasmine and Chelsea