Why Standing Six?

Why Standing Six?

Many times while walking the beat in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside I would turn a corner just in time to hear the whispered words: “six” or “six up”. It was street code for an approaching cop and sure enough I would come upon a group of dealers and clients quickly dispersing down the street with drugs hidden and deals placed on pause.

The military and some police also use this term. “I have your six” means I am in the six o’clock position or I have your back. It means that whenever you hear those words you know that you are covered, you have a friend—a partner—who is watching out for you.

Standing Six represents our commitment to have the back of all First Responders, especially those who are looking for support on their road to recovery from job-related stress and trauma.

Standing Six’s logo has a uniformed person physically supported from behind by a horse. All of Standing Six’s programs are based on equine relationships and herd dynamics. Regardless of whether you are coming back from PTSD, a physical injury, or just trying to manage day-to-day stress, horses are therapeutic companions that listen without judgement and validate your truth.

Standing Six has your back.

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