Carla Webb ~ Founder of Standing Six

Carla is a former 14-year member of the Vancouver Police Department. She walked the beat in the Downtown Eastside, conducted surveillance, and was one of the founding members of the VPD’s Counter Terrorism Unit. This experience has helped her understand the precarious path frontline workers must walk between being hyper alert at work and a loving family member at home; between shielding oneself from the effects of daily tragedy and opening up to healthy attachments. At times the line is blurred or drawn too tight. Sometimes the line disappears altogether.

Carla resigned from the force in 2010, bought a farm and returned to her first love, horses. It is here she found her own healing and began helping others heal from their own personal traumas. She founded Unbridled Potential, an academy dedicated to forging safe, respectful and trusting bonds between horses and people, and co-founded Empowered By Horses to help empower youth to make healthier lifestyle choices. As her vision grew she created Standing Six, an equine support system for first responders to heal, learn and grow.

Carla is an Equine Facilitated Wellness Professional (EFW), EFW mentor and Wellness Coach. She has partnered with horses for over forty years and has extensive knowledge and experience as a coach and trainer in reining (traditional and freestyle) and both Western and English disciplines. Her philosophy of Heart Centered Horsemanship, the cornerstone of all her programs, is kindness and enhanced empathy and compassion for all beings. It is her passion to build positive relationships and mindful interactions between clients, their horses and the community in which they live.

Create effective skills to increase resilience to on the job challenges?Heal from work related anxiety, depression and post traumatic injuries?
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Scope of Practice

As an Equine Facilitated Learning Professional, Life & Wellness Coach and Equine Professional Carla Webb believes that by fostering a respectful connection between horses and humans, we come to know more about ourselves—our beliefs, our goals and our passions. With deepening self-awareness we can begin to make changes and live the life we want to live.

Carla provides personal development and educational programs to individual clients and groups in support of their healing and growth. She works with:

  • First Responders. This includes police, fire, ambulance, corrections, border services, nurses, doctors and 911 operators/dispatchers. For more information about programming go to Standing Six.
  • Youth. These clients are referred by a guardian, social service agency or mental health professional. For more information about programming go to Empowered By Horses
  • The equine community. With a philosophy that respects horses as equal partners, Carla supports positive relationships and remedies problems between horses and their owner/rider. For more information about programming go to Unbridled Potential
  • The therapeutic equine community. With compassion and a keen eye for temperament and ability, Carla assesses the suitability of horses for therapeutic work. For more information about programming contact Carla Webb.

Professional Bio & Training

  • Dance with Equus – Sandra Wallin
  • BA (Psychology)Simon Fraser University
  • The Art and Science of CoachingErickson College
  • Vancouver City Police officer14-year veteran with over 1000 hours of in-house training, specializing in leadership, non-violent communication, suicide prevention, mental health and addiction
  • Way of the Horse – Linda Kohanov
  • Animal Communication – Heather Faris and Marijke Vanderwater 

  • Ethical Considerations in Animal Assisted TherapySuzanne Clothier and Dr. Kirby Wycoff

  • Masterson Method Massage for horses
  • CARAT 1.1 (Animal Temperament Training) – Suzanne Clothier
  • Clicker Training – Deborah Olson Daniels
  • Intro to the Waterhole RitualsSharolyn Wandzura

  • Kids and Horses: A therapeutic protocol of excellenceMNLINC

  • Cultural Training – Sumas First Nations

  • Suicide awareness training – Abbotsford Community Services

  • Activating Your Heart’s IntelligenceHeartMath Institute

  • Trauma Informed Practice – Abbotsford Foster Parent Support Program
  • Lessons and coaching with reining and horsemanship professionals Josh Nichol, Locke Duce, Jeff Beckley, Clay Webster, Jim Anderson, Donna Hawkins, Lisa Coulter, Jeff Parrish, and Shawna Sapergia.

  • 2018 -Training for certification in TRE – Tension and Trauma releasing exercises

Professional Associations

  • Board Member RESTORE First Responder Wellness Foundation
  • Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness – Professional and Mentor
  • Horse Council of BC
  • BC Therapeutic Riding Association
  • Odd Squad Productions Society member